Blessed rain in California 〜カリフォルニアに恵みの雨〜

Sunday 日曜日

Makana: "Huh, I'm tired. This is a good pillow to put my head on."


Mommy: "You are becoming like Ehime, aren't you?"


Mommy: "I heard it's going to be raining on Monday. Why don't you go and play outside before the rain starts?"


Makana: "Mmmm, maybe later."


Monday 月曜日

Mommy: "You all got wet in the rain. Are you OK?"


Happy: "If you feel sorry for us, can you put more hay in the feeder?"


Serene: "You can put more hay in my mouth."


Mommy: "What about you, ladies? Are you doing OK?"

ママ:「女性のみなさんはどう? 大丈夫?」

Chicken A: "Yes. There was nothing else to do, so we laid eggs."


Have a nice Wednesday♪

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There is always something new to learn. 〜いつでも学ぶべき新しいことがある〜


Makana: "(Staring)"


Serene: "(Staring)"


Makana: "Who are they?"


Mommy: "Don't you remember? They are Serene and Sunny, the cows. Happy is nearby."

ママ:「覚えてない? 牛のセリーンくんとサニーちゃんよ。ハッピーちゃんも近くにいるよ。」

Makana: "Hello, Serene and Sunny. What are you guys doing?"


Sunny: "Grazing."


Serene: "You put your neck down like this and try to find the delicious grass."


Makana: "Like this?"


Sunny: "That's right."


Serene: "There are some painful ones, and they poke you. Please be careful."


Makana: "Ouch."


Have a fun Tuesday♪

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Are you OK, Ma-kun? 〜マーくん、大丈夫?〜

Daddy: "It was a fun Customer Appreciation Tasting Party yesterday."


Mommy: "It was. The mayor of the town visited us, too."


This morning 今朝

Makana: "I have a little stomachache this morning."


Mommy: "There were many people in the tasting room yesterday, and your eating time was kind of messed up. Please take a rest for now."


Have a peaceful Monday♪

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With our appreciation to the customers 〜お客様への感謝の気持ちを込めて〜

This is us when we opened the brand new tasting room in 2019! So many things happened since then. Lots of fun & sweet memories and some tears.

これが私たち、2019年に真新しいテイスティングルームをオープンしたときです! あれ以来、いろんなことがありました。たくさんの楽しくて心温かい思い出、そして流した涙。

In March, 2022, we were chosen as the Best of Downtown Tasting Room, Best Red Wine and Best White Wine of SLO North County after voting. We've never thought this would happen to us, and we cannot be happier!



To thank you for everyone who voted for us, we are going to have a Customer Appreciation Tasting Party today. We'll do our best to make high quality wine.


Have a happy Sunday♪

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Konalization 〜コナライゼーション〜

Mommy: "Oh, wow. It looks like the chickens had a busy morning today."

ママ:「あら〜 にわとりさんたち、今朝は忙しかったみたいね〜」

Mommy: "These are fresh Omega 3 eggs. Thank you so much for laying eggs every day, chickens♪" 


Makana: "You left me in the backyard while you were having a good time with chickens."


Mommy: "I didn't mean that. Now, we are back together. Isn't it nice?"


Have a nice Friday♪

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Long time no see! 〜久しぶり!〜

Makana: "You are going to abandon me..."


Mommy: "I just need to step away to the vineyard."



Mommy: "Oh! I thought this was happening. Bud break at Kula Vineyards. The new season has started."


Mommy: "There are some small buds here and there. It doesn't look like there will be frost this week. That's a good thing."


Makana: "Mommy! I wonder how many years have passed since I saw you last time."

マカナ:「ママだ〜! 最後に会ってから、何年たったかな。」

Mommy: "Umm, I guess a few minutes."


Have a fun Friday♪

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Photos with memories 〜思い出のある写真〜

Mommy: "I found a few funny photos of Ehime. Look at this one. She is smiling, finding a watermelon that is growing bigger."


Makana: "She used to love fruits."


Mommy: "Haha. Look at this one now. She is chasing after a lizard."


Makana: "Did she eat?"


Mommy: "No. She never ate lizards. I don't know why, but she was just close to them and stared at them."


Makana: "That's scary for lizards."


Makana: "Well, I walked the new area near the tasting room today, sister. And I ate my breakfast."


Mommy: "I think she is happy to hear that."


Have a good Thursday♪

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We love you so much, Ehime Part 2 〜本当に大好きだよ、えひめ パート2〜


Ehime was the dog who doesn't whine or bark. The only time she whined in her life was the time when Kona passed away. I wonder was she really suffering from the pain when the bleeding had started inside of her body. I feel like I was very stupid. I knew she doesn't whine or bark for the pain, how could I miss her sign?


We decided to take one last family photo. We have nothing to hide. Because we are very proud of our family, and we want to show off. Ehime, we love you from the bottom of our hearts. And you know that, right?


My husband wished to take a walk on the street where we used to take Kahlua, Kona and Ehime on Sundays. I said yes. I took it as his way of feeling Ehime. We closed the tasting room that day, and took Makana out to the street where we have full of memories. 


Beautiful pink flowers started to bloom on the trees, and the sun light was going through from the branches. Ehime, the girl who was born in Las Vegas 10 years ago, chose the nice warm day to leave.


After a walk, I shaved ice and made Kori (shaved ice with syrup) at home. Ehime, you were always craving for ice cubes. Here, you can have ice cubs as much as you want now.


I believe Kona probably came to pick up Ehime at the entrance of the Rainbow Bridge, and Kahlua probably made a welcome bark. Hailey is probably somewhere on the couch and looking at them with her big eyes. All of them are smiling together again in my imagination. I'll see you when my time comes. With love.


Forever love to our sweet dogs

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We love you so much, Ehime. Part 1 〜本当に大好きだよ、えひめ パート1〜

Since we got to know that Ehime's cancer is located in the untreatable area, we knew this day would come. But we were thinking that we would have more time to spend with Ehime, we didn't know that the Saturday 10 days ago would be that day.


That day, Ehime didn't eat breakfast at all. She was always hungry since she was a puppy. We used to say "When Ehime doesn't eat, there is something wrong", and that was the day. We called the vet, and took her in soon. We still thought that they would give some tests and prescribe the medications.


Two assistants came out and carried Ehime out from the car. They didn't let Ehime walk. We were waiting at the car for some time, because we were not allowed to go inside due to prevent covid. 


The vet came out and reported us the result after X-ray and some tests. He told us that she is very sick and so much in pain now. Her spleen is bleeding so much, and it's very cloudy. There was no way to help her. Who guessed this would happen? Ehime was eating until one night before. She even ate some snack. 

お医者さまが出てこられて、レントゲン結果や検査の結果を教えてくれました。お医者さまがおっしゃるには、えひめは重症で、大変な痛みがあるということでした。脾臓は大量に出血し、とても曇っていると言われました。もう、助ける手立てがないとも。こんなこと、どうやって推測することができたでしょう? えひめは前の日の夜まで、ちゃんと食べていたんです。おやつだって、食べたんですよ。

The vet and his assistants set us up at their backyard, and let us spend some time with Ehime. We were not ready at all, so we still thought of bringing her back home somehow. But right next to us, Ehime was laid down on the grass and couldn't move already. We finally realized that her time was really coming. Makana was also there, but he was kind of avoiding to be involved in.


Continuing tomorrow♪

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We lost power. 〜停電になりました〜


Mommy: "It's a little different atmosphere for breakfast. Please eat, Ma-kun♪"


Makana: "We just came to the tasting room because we lost power at home."


Have a nice Monday♪

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