Living with animals 〜動物たちと生きる〜

Yesterday 昨日

Mommy: "Happy, please teach Joy how to eat hay as a mother."


Happy: "OK."


Happy: "Joy, put your nose in the hay like this, grab as much as possible in your mouth, OK?"


Joy: "I'm a picky eater."


Joy: "Oh, there is good grass there❤︎"


Happy: "Awwww..."


Do you know how many teats Happy has? There are four. The back two teats were hard for me to reach, so I was milking the two in front for more than one month. The other day, I happened to reach the back ones and I tried to squeeze. Guess what. An amazing amount of milk came out! I filled the jar with the milk from the back teats, pasteurised it and had a drink. It wasn't very tasty... I researched about it on internet, and found out that the milk was old. So I've been squeezing the back teats to let it go these days. In a few days, the milk should taste as good as the milk from the front teats. This is my first time to have cows. Sorry for not doing right, Happy.

みなさん、ハッピーにおっぱいがいくつあるかご存知ですか?4つなんです。後ろのふたつは届きにくいので、私は一ヶ月以上ものあいだ、前のふたつのおっぱいから乳搾りをしていました。先日、たまたま後ろのおっぱいに手が届いたので、しぼってみました。するとどうでしょう。すごい量のミルクが出来てきたんです!私は後ろのおっぱいをしぼったミルクでジャーをいっぱいにして、低温殺菌し、飲んでみました。その味は‥‥ あまりおいしくなかった‥‥ インターネットでリサーチして調べてみると、そのミルクは古いものだということがわかりました。ここのところ、飲まないのですが、後ろのおっぱいをしぼっています。数日後には、手前のおっぱいと同じくらいのおいしいミルクが出てくるはずです。私は牛を飼うのは、これが初めてです。ちゃんとできなくてごめんね、ハッピー。

Today 今日

Kahlua: "Phew, I think I got sticky stuff on my foot again."


Ehime: "I think brother Kahlua needs to get a hair cut. What about Shiba inu style? (smile)"


Kona: "Before you talk about Kahlua, let's clean you first. (lick, lick)"


Ehime: "OK."


Mommy: "Oh, no... Wild birds ate Omega 3 plants again..."

ママ:「あら、やだ‥‥ 野鳥にまたオメガ3の植物を食べられちゃった‥‥」

Mommy: "Sorry for birds, but I need these Omega 3 plants for us and chickens. Let's put the shiny tape on the plants."


Last night, I heard that coyotes were hunting. Wild life could be scary... I'm not sure if this is related or not, but a cow, Cheer was far away to the barn alone this morning.

昨夜、コヨーテたちが狩りをしている声を聞きました。ワイルドライフは、怖いこともありますよね‥‥ そのことと関係があるかどうかはわかりませんが、牛のチアちゃんが、今朝はひとりで遠く離れた小屋のところにいました。

Mommy: "Catering the food to Cheer♪"


Happy: "Wait! Where are you going?"


Mommy: "You are following me! I put your hay near the gate. Just don't do heading to me, OK?"


Cheer: "Can I ask a catering service one more time? I need more food for two cows here."


Mommy: "Certainly."


Have a wonderful Saturday♪

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